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Whale Watching is predicted to be the best ever in the 2103 - 2014 season!



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Humpback and Other Whales in Ko Olina Vicinity

See humpback whales up close December through May. Its absolutely mind-boggling to see animals this smart and this big swim this fast and jump completely out of the water.

November is marked by the arrival of snow in most of America, but in Hawai'i it marks the return of the humpback whale. Join a team of marine biologists on the secluded Leeward Coast of Oahu. You’ll board a catamaran and cruise out to impossibly clear blue waters, where humpback whales reproduce and spinner dolphins frolic.

These gentle giants can be seen from the shore as they make quite a splash, but there is nothing like having your boat rocking beneath you in the wake of a whale's breach.

Wild Side Specialty Tours takes small groups on its data-collecting research trips (in collaboration with Oahu's Wild Dolphin Foundation) to observe the dramatic and entertaining humpbacks.

You’ll watch as the whales (as many as 10,000 migrate to the waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands) hurl their bodies out of the water, sing and chase each other as part of the mating ritual.

Then, don a pair of fins and a mask to swim alongside spinner dolphins (the most acrobatic of all dolphins), sea turtles and schools of tropical fish.

Along the way, you’ll learn about sea creatures, habitats and conservation. Whale watching season runs December through April; dolphin and snorkeling trips are offered year-round.

Knowledge and real experience really can make the difference in your whale watching adventure!

Wild Side Specialty Tours for an Oahu whale watching cruise (dolphins and turtles included!), Fodors choice for whale watching on Oahu!

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Eye to eye with a Humpback Whale (video) Humpback whale eyes have a specially shaped cornea and lens that permit excellent vision both above the water and below its surface.


10 great places to spend a week or two with whales "These warm, shallow waters are the only place in the USA where humpback whales reproduce and workshops and sailing trips contribute to essential conservation efforts."

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Whale boating excursions offer awe-inspiring experience "We have been "mugged" — in whale-watch talk, surrounded by whales, so that, by law, we cannot move for fear of a collision."


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