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A Review from Oahu's Best Snorkeling Expert!

"I have been going on day snorkeling trips in Hawaii for years, but have never had such a great experience as on the Best of the West tour.

First, there is a 6 person cap on passengers. I would venture to say that it is nearly impossible to go on such an intimate trip for that kind of price.

Second, my girlfriend and I really enjoyed that the owner and her staff really truly were biologists. They were very knowledgeable about what we were looking at. They even had books on board so if you wanted to see the dolphin we just glimpsed jumping at lightning speed, you could see pictures and much more detail. We also appreciated that a fair amount of the money we paid was being used to fund their research. And that while you are in the water, they are photographing the dolphins monitoring their behavior when humans are around. It's pretty cool. You swim with dolphins, they analyze it. Nothing about it felt like a tourist operation.

The food on board was good, home-made and very healthy. Waaay better than the store-bought stuff normally served on these kinds of boats.

All in all, I highly recommend the tour. I can't wait to join them for a whale watching trip this winter!"


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