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Hawaiian Monk Seal

The monk seal is named for its folds of skin that somewhat resemble a monk's cowl, and because it is usually seen alone or in small groups.

The endemic and critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi) is known in Hawaiian as "Ilio holo I ka uaua," which translates as "the dog that goes in rough water."

The Hawaiian monk seal, a federally listed endangered species, most commonly inhabits the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

However, monk seals are occasionally sighted around the main Hawaiian Islands, including off Mākua Beach on the Wai‘anae coast. Prominent threats to monk seal populations include entanglement in fishing gear; disturbance by humans, which can cause seals to abandon haul-out areas and their pups; and predation by sharks.

Get Involved in the Semi-annual Hawaiian Monk Seal Count.
• NOAA is looking for interested groups or
individuals to participate in a Hawaiian
monk seal count

• The goal is to have volunteers &
community members counting monk
seals on the same date & time on each of
the main Hawaiian Islands

• Volunteers will be assigned to a beach
location & asked to fill out a sightings
form. Digital images of seals will also be
very important to send to NOAA.

This project is conducted by NOAA Fisheries not NOAA’s Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.
If you’re interested in participating,
please contact David Schofield at david.schofield@noaa.gov

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Monk Seals in Hawaii The Hawaiian monk seal, a relative of warm-water seals found in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, was nearly slaughtered into extinction for its skin and oil during the 19th century.

Hawaiian Monk Seal, profile, photos, facts Most seals are at home in frigid waters, but the Hawaiian monk seal is a rare tropical exception.

Hawaiian Monk Seal photos may be used for school projects photos taken by photographer Kathy Boast at the Waikiki Aquarium

Monk Seal Underwater video - Most of this video is taken from a small camera attached to a monk seal swimming in shallow coral reef habitat. (Source: NOAA Fisheries Service)

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