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Disney's "Studio D" Dan's Hawaii Dolphin Adventure!


Onboard the Island Spirit, we sailed five miles south towards Ko Olina, with amphitheater valleys and the rugged Wai'anae mountain range as a backdrop - and a skitter of flying fish as our escorts.

Just outside of Ko Olina, our dreams came true. Tori (owner and wildlife biologist) gave us the 'wet-iquette' for swimming alongside the pod of wild spinner dolphins frolicking near the boat, explaining the natural experience, on the dolphin's terms vs. with forced captive dolphins forced to 'play nice' in resort pools or marine parks.

It was enough to leave Disney Dan speechless once he was snorkeling alongside the dolphins. This was the real deal. He was reminded that laughing underwater can be a risky human behavior.

A young dolphin seems intrigued by the clicking and winding of Disney Dan's underwater camera as Dan does some "stupid human tricks" and twirls about for him, doing his best dolphin imitations. Perhaps the dolphin is amused, all I know is that I am in paradise bliss!

We move on to Turtle Rock, a large, submerged boulder serving as a kind of spa for the green sea turtles the Hawaiians call honu. I could see the big turtles taking turns wedging themselves in a little scoop in the rock and letting all manner of small tropical fish feed on the algae that had formed on their shells.

It's a mutually beneficial relationship: The turtles end up with streamlined shells that make swimming more effortless, and the fish get a good meal. It also seemed to feel good. As the fish nibbled, the turtles stretched their necks luxuriously.

The four hours fly by and all too soon we are back at the dock.

We have seen a lot of amazing spectacles in nature, but none to date compare with that sunny morning in West Oahu with the Wild Side Specialty Tours.

While dreams are good, reality is better - and today...this was "the happiest place on earth."

Wild Side Specialty Tours  leads half-day trips on the west side of Oahu that include snorkeling with sea turtles and swimming with wild dolphins.

During intimate wildlife adventures, clients can encounter whales, dolphins and turtles while learning about marine conservation.

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From the JW Marriott Ihilani in-room magazine, the "JWM" WILD WEST "We were surrounded by wild dolphins... these weren't captive dolphins, forced to play nicely for guests... This was bliss."

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"Surf-ari's get you Close to Marine Life" "Leeward Oahu is one of the only places in the world where oceanic dolphins come into near-shore habitats on a daily basis, Sailing into their world, we're reminded about our own journey through life."

A Swim With Wild Dolphins on Oahu's West Side

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Oahu Dolphin Adventures